Introduction to me: “Makeup Muffin by Sarah”

Hey muffins! Here I am blogging for the first time and I am very excited to be doing so. Just a little about my non-makeup related life is I am Pakistani, living in the town of Karachi, married, mom of a two year old princess, I have completed my MBA in finance from one of the leading institutions here and also served as a banker for about 4 years. Ever since I got married I have been at home and loving the domesticated life.

Other than my family, there is one thing I am passionate and obsessed about i.e. MAKEUP. At times I find myself sitting online for hours on end reading up about new and best selling products, discovering makeup shopping sites and watching my favorite beauty gurus’ videos as well as practicing makeup looks. I should also add that in 2008 whilst working I undertook a makeup course with one of the most well renowned makeup artists in the country i.e. Bina Khan where we learnt makeup application techniques as well as a number of looks. Over time I have expanded my makeup portfolio, mixed and matched looks to my personal preference and also have dolled up friends and family for special occasions. You will be seeing those and many more on my page too!

My Philosophy

Initially when I was working on setting up the Makeup Muffin page on Facebook, I thought I would focus mostly on product reviews and attempt to do what most beauty bloggers do. Then somehow people on my page started asking me about makeup- from application to advice to recommendations- so I decided to expand my blogging horizon and also pay attention to educating the Plain Jane about basic know how’s of makeup and so much so my Facebook followers pushed me towards the title of an “online beauty/ makeup adviser/ guru”. I absolutely loved that aspect and I have made it a big part of what The Makeup Muffin is all about. Hence on my website, together with product reviews, information/ knowledge transfer, I will also be posting comprehensive pictorials on various makeup techniques to help my muffins out!

So let us begin this new journey together and I hope you will also render me your support in exchange for what information I have to offer you 

For further queries or to find out more about the Makeup Muffin email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit my Facebook page

Enjoy! xoxo

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