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My favorite gel liner of 2014: L’oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 01 Pure Black

Hello muffins! Lining the upper eye is one of my must do things when getting perked up. No way am I leaving for any lunch or get together without wearing a liner and looking droopy eyed. I purchased L’oreal Paris Super Liner Intenza in 01 Pure Black way back in January 2014 and I was totally impressed by its sleek and sophisticated Gold-lid packaging, solid glass container and the handy liner application brush that came along with it.

And here is how it looks…

  This is what L’Oreal Paris promises about this product: “Create your signature look and dare to be graphic with Superliner Gel Intenza. Easy application, long lasting result. The luxurious gel texture glides on easily. Up to 24 hours of wear. The product is professionally inspired”.


The quality of the packaging can be seen from my image here. The useful life of the liner is said to be 24 months after which it is advised to dispose the product.

The brush also is of very good quality and I have been using it for over 9 months and it does not show signs of wear or tear despite regular washing.

Now let’s open the product… (I am showing you how it looks after 9 months of use).


No kidding here, just look how creamy and in what perfect condition t his is despite being opened in Jan 2014!

Now let’s look at its application and lasting ability:

The left image shows the application of L’oreal Super Gel Liner Intenza, it glides on so well on to the skin and it is pure black and there is no hint of shine on it at all. The right image is after I tried to scrub it out vigorously using a wet wipe and I am still left with a stain which I believe I will have to bear with for a few hours ;).

Final thoughts: I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to everyone. 5/5 Muffin recommended! :)

P.s. next time I will compare this gel liner to Inglot’s 77 AMC gel liner which is lying unopened in my stash.

Makeup Muffin Tip: When using gel liners, make sure that you tightly shut the lid of the container when you are through with the application or the product- now matter how great- will dry out within no time. If your gel liner has dried out, you can add a few drops of saline water and reuse the product as per normal, a micro drop of olive oil will also work. Repeat the process when needed. Clean the liner brush after every use so that you can achieve precision in application of the liner every time.

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