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Foundation Applicators and tools

1. Fingers

I am sure that almost all of us have applied foundation using our fingers at one point or the other. This is perhaps the most “handy” form of application, no brush expenses, and no issues about packing and / or forgetting to pack your fingers when going somewhere right? LOL.

The best kind of foundation to apply Using fingers is mousse / whipped type of foundation which will be easily applied and blended on to the face.

Method of application: Apply foundation on to the fingertips to warm up the foundation (warming the foundation will allow for smoother and on point application). Pat the foundation all over your face and then blend in the product in gentle outward circular motions.

2. Powder puff applicator

This usually comes with a powder compact. Its main use it to apply pressed powder to the face after foundation or after moisturizer. These are best used to gently dust product on the face and for touch ups during the day. And yes these are washable and can be re used for a while.

Method: collect powder in gentle motions and pat on all areas of the face. It is better not to be rough and smear it over the skin.


 3. Blending sponge applicator

This is becoming one of the most popular application methods this year. Although the typical sponge blending wedges/ rounds/ squares have been in use for a long time they have been guilty of over consuming and wasting product. However, they are still commonly found in many make up salons as they are disposable, good for blending concealer/ foundation into corners of the nose, mouth and eyes and another huge factor is their lower cost.

Then we can talk about the revolutionary beauty blending sponges which have become recent favorites of many makeup gurus and lovers. These are built with the quality of not absorbing/ wasting excessive amount of foundation.These are best used damp… not drenched ;) and best used for liquid and cream foundations.

Method: take liquid/ cream foundation on the back of the palm and pat the damp blender sponge on the product. Dab the foundation on all parts of the face and using the bigger side of the sponge bounce/ stipple it over your entire face. Use the pointed side to apply foundation in to the corners of the eyes, nose and mouth.

Recommended brands: ELF sponge wedges, the original Beauty Blender ($19) and Real Techniques Miracle Sponge. All these need to be ordered from international sites or through facebook pages and prices will differ according to exchange rate conversion, shipment costs, custom charges etc.

For local options check

4. The flat foundation brush

The flat foundation brush is also a very common form of makeup application however is one of my least favorite forms of applicators. Its intended use is to apply primers, BB creams, CC creams and liquid foundations on the face in a smooth manner, for those people who want high coverage then this is one of the brushes meant for you.

Method of application: Apply foundation in short downward strokes all over the face. I personally like using this brush to pat stick foundation on my face and then use a buffing brush to blend it in.

Recommended brands: MUA F1 brush, Eco tools flat brush and Bobbi Brown’s flat foundation brush.

5. The Buffing brush

A truly wonderful form of makeup application that allows optimal amount of makeup to settle into your skin. The buffing brush can be in flat top form and I would also include kabuki brushes in the same category. These brushes give medium to full coverage and can be used for all foundation types i.e. liquid, cream, mousse and powdered foundations to give a flawless application.

Method of application: Apply foundation in outward circular motions all over the face. My personal preference is using the flat top brush (there are angled flat top brushes too)

Recommended brands: Sigma F80 or F82 and Real Techniques core collection (it has a wonderful buffing brush) and the bodyshop’s angled kabuki brush. Unfortunately the first two are not available in Pakistan but can be ordered online or from facebook pages.

6. The Stippling brush

Now this is my favorite makeup applicator, the stippling brush. This has been designed for those people who prefer less coverage either because they have smooth skin or those who don’t want to appear as if they have foundation on hence looking for that perfect airbrushed finish. Furthermore, this method uses the least amount of product hence less waste. Also for those who are conscious about their pores being visible, a stippling brush’s bristles are designed in such a way that they will fill the pores with product.

However, one needs to be a bit patient using a stippling brush because if you apply foundation in a hurry you might leave it unfinished and it will end up looking streaky.

Method of application: put foundation on the back of your hand and pat the brush on the hand taking the product, and stipple i.e. pat your entire face with the brush in covering each area in bits. Continue stippling till all the product is perfectly absorbed into the skin.

Recommended brands: ELF stippling brush, MAC 187 and Sigma f50, Sephora’s stippling brush.

7. The Powder Brush

Finally comes the good old powder brush. I think this has to be the oldest brush in its category. I remember from the beginning my mom has always had a big fat-headed brush in her makeup drawer and this is it.

Powder brushes, like the name suggests, are used to apply pressed and loose powder over the face to make the skin surface smooth. Since these brushes are mostly fluffy in nature, they allow a more controlled application of powder as compared to let’s say the powder puffs. These brushes will dust off any excess product so as to give you a smoother application.

Method of application: attain pressed powder from the pan or loose powder from the lid, dust off the brush slightly back into the pan and then apply on the face. There is no set way of using this brush, one can either press the brush on to the skin brushing downwards or buffing the brush over the face gently.

Recommended brands: although every brand has powder brushes I would pick MUAs powder brush and Real Techniques powder brush. MUAs F5 kabuki powder brush can be found at in stock whereas the Real Technique one needs to be ordered.

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