Many girls shy away from cream blushes because they find them a little intimidating to work with. Even I did at a point! I just couldn't find the right way to apply these to give me a perfect glow. But with the right products and tools finally I felt comfortable applying cream blushes.

Cream blushes give certain luminosity/ glow to the face but require skin to be well prepped and smooth or else your skin will look really patchy. Many artists say that they are better suited to people with normal to dry skin and are better used in winter time. I do agree to some extent but like I always say there are no hard and fast rules with makeup. Give them a try in summers or if you have combo or oily skin and see if it works for you.

It is preferred if you apply cream blushes to a non powdery base to give you a smooth look. Meaning that if you want to use a cream blush either apply it on bare/ primed skin or when wearing liquid foundation or it may end up looking rough and inconsistent.

People who may sweat or have oily skin may need a dusting of powder blush over the cream blush if you want it to last longer.

Remember a little goes a long way with cream blushes so be very light handed.

In drugstore category I love and recommend NYX CREAM BLUSH and in high end ILLAMASQUA CREAM BLUSHES are the best in terms of blending.

 There are in essence 3 major ways of applying cream blushes
  • Using your 2nd & 3rd fingers and applying product gently on your skin
  • Using a stippling brush and
  • A damp beauty blending sponge
Fingers for some reason do not work for me as I feel I don’t get a smooth finish. I therefore use a stippling brush for a heavier/ formal look and a damp beauty blending sponge for a soft daytime look.
Here’s how I go about it hope you find it useful and easy to follow:

Since a little goes a long way, I pick up product directly using the stippling brush and give it a swirl on the back of my hand to m and settle the product.

I have used Mac 187 brush, the beauty blender and NYX cream blush in natural for this


With a slight fake smile, I dab the brush from my temple downwards to the apples of my cheek gently to blend in the color.

I can repeat the step if I want to build the color. But even if you feel you have applied a little extra don't worry because after 10 minutes you'll find that your skin has absorbed some of it giving you a beautiful flush of color. I prefer using a stippling brush for a formal look as it applies a bit more heavy than a sponge.


The damp beauty blender is another way of applying cream blush. Same method as stippling brush: Temple downwards in dabbing motions.

I prefer using this technique for a softer and more natural look.

Hope you all found this pictorial to be useful! Do give it a shot and let me know! xoxo

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