Ever found yourself saying “if only I had a lipstick which was the color of this eyeshadow!”… Well here is a super fun way of applying a funky color on your lips using your favorite eyeshadow or blush in pressed powder form and experiment your way in to a new color! And here is how:

Step 1:

What you need is: Pressed eyeshadow or blush (whatever you want to use on your lips) I prefer matte or satin finish product for a soft and long lasting finish, a flat brush, foundation, nude lipstick and a clear lip gloss!

  • Apply a dot of foundation on exfoliated and moisturized lips and spread with your finger
  • Apply a little nude lipstick across your lips to even out the tone
  • Then apply a touch of clear lip gloss on the lip and spread with fingers (this acts as a adhesive to the eyeshadow).

Step 2:

  • Take your favorite colored eyeshadow/blush (I used 2 from my glamorous USA palette - a matte tangerine and orange eyeshadow) and either using a finger or flat brush gently pat on the color on your lips - try not to smear the color or your lips will get flaky so just press on the color and keep adding layers until you get your desired color and coverage!
  • Then add a dot of clear gloss on the centre of the lips and gently spread with your finger and you're done! How easy was that!
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